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How Being Nice Can Cost YOU money

While being nice costs you nothing, being too agreeable can actually cause you to lose money too. Being nice, according to financial experts, can actually cost you overall.

You are Overcharged

Overages and charges that are more than what you figured can cut into your financial stream. Probably one of the worst offenders in this respect are medical providers. According to statistics, medical providers show a Medicare billing error rate of about 50%. The same research showed that around 63% of Americans received medical bills for medical care that was much more than what they expected.

Financial experts recommend that consumers review bills and receipts so they don’t get too many overcharges and expensive “surprises.” If there is an error, make sure you contest the charge. In fact, you can channel your niceness by politely pointing out the mistake – a much better move to make than showing a display of aggression.

Discounts Are Not Applied

It happens to everyone every now and then – an item does not ring up with the discount applied. While it may be easier to dismiss the incident and pay full price, you are actually doing a disservice to yourself, let alone your bank account. People who overcome the desire to be too nice and contest the oversight actually help discounting systems work more effectively.

Sale Items Are Not Available

If you arrive at a store to buy a sale item but it no longer is featured on the shelf, obtain a voucher or rain check so you can obtain the product for the sale price when it reappears on the shelf or is restocked. If you think asking for the rain check or voucher is too much trouble, think again. Cashiers often ask you if you found everything you needed. Therefore, requesting the voucher is one way to ensure you get what you need, and for less money.

Not Shopping for Better Rates

While it is “nice” to be brand loyal, it also pays you better to shop around and compare prices. You can compare prices on such products as insurance, hotel rates, vehicles, and even medical procedures.

One Final Observation

Although being nice is a positive and pleasant trait, you still don’t want to behave too nicely when it comes to paying bills or saving money. Make sure you obtain the item you need at a cost that is affordable to you.